The story of Our hero, Joey Dadass, began beneath the bleachers at a racetrack where he was born with high-octane horsepower running through his veins.

Dad’s arrival on this Earth coincides with a rift in time and space, making determination of his exact age nearly impossible. While details of Dad’s childhood are murky at best, it is known that he spent several years traveling in the back of his father’s semi-truck at a young age, experiencing life in the fast lane. His father eventually settled in the Milwaukee area while his mother laid down roots in Georgia.


While traveling through the Appalachian Mountains, a young Dad became separated from his father.

After wandering for some time, he was adopted by a sleuth of black bears. One fateful day our hero told his family he was going out for a pack of smokes and through a strange series of circumstances, found himself on a spiritual journey to the Grand Canyon.

While on this soul searching, spiritual trek, he came across a hawk in the sky that swooped down and created a tear in the cosmos. It was at this time that the moniker “Dad” was bestowed upon the young man, and he had an epiphany. Immediately he knew his destiny was making big poppa moves for his family.